Blue Green City Lab


In 2017, a collaboration started between the City of Malmö, Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, SLU, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, EIA and Sustainable Business Hub with the goal of creating a test bed for blue-green solutions. After five years, Blue Green City Lab is now an established partnership, with several initiatives underway. Together with VA SYD, we continue the collaboration to spread knowledge that can lead to more functional blue-green solutions being implemented.

About us

The project Increased implementation of functional blue-green solutions in the sustainable city is run by Sustainable Business Hub, Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, SLU, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and VA SYD. In the project, we focus on identifying available blue-green solutions on the market, both nationally and internationally, and ensuring that they reach municipalities and property owners. Finding ready-made, good solutions is important because many property owners want to invest more in blue-green but often have little knowledge of what is actually on the market.


A changing climate poses new challenges for our increasingly densified cities. Adaptations in the already built environment must be made and we must think in new ways when planning new areas. In both cases, blue-green infrastructure such as green roofs, green walls and rain gardens are an important part of making the city more resilient and reducing problems when heavy rain/ could bursts and heat waves hit us. At the same time, they can provide recreational and beautiful places for residents to stay in and they can contribute to biodiversity. Blue Green City Lab already offers advice on the type of solution suitable for different needs. In this project, we add on the offer with information about what products and solutions are available.


For those who want to know more about different types of blue-green solutions and their benefits
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Partners and financiers

We who run the project through Blue Green City Lab are:


The project is partially financed by Vinnova & Region Skåne